Identification and Assessment of Learners’ Needs

Queen Anne High School is committed to the early identification and assessment of additional needs, and to removing or reducing barriers to learning that may arise.

The information-gathering procedures during transition into QAHS (typically from P7 to S1) identify those pupils with known additional support needs (ASN).  This information is shared with all teaching staff through discussions and meetings, and electronically via the All Staff Server and email.

All assessment of needs will be contextual, that is, it looks at the child in all areas of learning and beyond. It involves:

  • talking and listening to the learner, the family and professionals involved
  • observing the learner in a variety of school contexts
  • analysing work and working with the child
  • considering existing evidence from previous standardized and non-standardised assessments

Contextual assessment is, therefore, evidence-based and reflects the principles embedded in the Curriculum for Excellence.  It is a process which occurs over time, and forms part of the wider cycle of assessing, planning, doing and reviewing.

Pupil Support staff work in partnership with the pupil, their parents/carers, school colleagues and others as necessary during the assessment process.