Recording, Monitoring and Review

The Pupil Support department plays an important part in the process of recording, monitoring and reviewing progress in learning. This may be done in a variety of ways that suit the learning needs of our pupils.

Tracking and Monitoring
Teaching and PS staff at QAHS use the school’s tracking system to monitor the progress of all its learners.

Progress updates and yearly reports are issued to pupils and their parent/carers and may be used to inform planning and reviewing for pupils with additional needs throughout their school career.

Support Plans (ISPs/CSPs)
We follow Fife Education and Learning Directorate procedures for creating Co-ordinated and Integrated Support Plans. Each pupil with an ISP or a CSP will have their plan reviewed at least once every twelve months.

Additional Needs Information for Staff
The PS department will ensure that information regarding additional support needs – including strategies for support and additional assessment arrangements – are made available electronically to all teaching staff and to other partners as appropriate.