Support for Assessments

Working with class teachers, the PS department will make appropriate arrangements for pupils who have been identified as requireing additional support to access tests and assessments.

School-based Assessments
Support for pupils undertaking assessments set by the school will follow Fife Education guidelines. Wherever possible such support will reflect that which is available for candidates taking SQA exams in order to ensure familiarity and consistency.

SQA Assessments
QAHS follows the guidelines for providing additional assessment arrangements given by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) who set out the following principles:

  1. Candidates should potentially have the ability to achieve the national standards, but be unable to do so using the published assessment arrangements for the particular qualification.
  2. The integrity of the qualification must be maintained.
  3. Assessment arrangements should be tailored to meet a candidate’s individual needs.
  4. Assessment arrangements should reflect, as far as possible, the candidate’s normal way of learning and producing work.

The PS department will ensure that information and procedures about assessment arrangements are explained to pupils, parents and other partners as appropriate.