Pupil Support Assistants

What we do . . .

  • In class support
  • Lunch Club
  • Read and scribe
  • Emotional support and pupil advocacy
  • Personal care and mobility support
  • Team working

In class support

We provide support in class for pupils who are experiencing difficulties in learning and behaviour. We work alongside pupils, keeping them on task, supporting their learning, always under the direction of the class teacher. If a pupil, one we are specifically allocated to support, is removed from class, we will follow that pupil and continue to work with him or her in the tutorial room or pupil support classroom.

Lunch Club

Assistants provide a safe and stimulating environment for vulnerable pupils at lunch and break times. Arts and crafts and leisure activities are available in Lunch Club where pupils are made to feel at home and relaxed.

Read and scribe

Some pupils, especially those with dyslexic type difficulties, need a reader scribe to help with their assessments. We provide that service sometimes for class assessments but particularly at SQA exam time.

Emotional support and pupil advocacy

Pupils often find Assistants are approachable and we can provide emotional support for pupils who need to talk about difficulties. Sometimes an Assistant acts as an advocate or go-between for teacher and pupil.

Personal care and mobility support

Assistants provide personal care for physically impaired pupils and also help wheelchair-users move about the building.

Team working

Assistants work alongside teachers as key members of the pupil support team.